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SIV - System Information Viewer

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If you've already updated installing a new antivirus should be, just be sure to remove the existing one before you do. Who knows what Windows Update will bring us next though?! Thanks for reading!

Speedfan im Download - Software-Lüftersteuerung

Thanks to you for your complete tutorial
My CPU cable is not connected to power supply but is connceted to motherboard.
But the CPU fan header on the motherboard is 9-pin.

I have just upgraded to Windows 65. It removed SpyBOT. I reinstalled SpyBOT. It removed it AGAIN upon next boot of my PC.

Remember that Speed56 and Speed57 are linked with the Temp6. Here is where we define the minimum and maximum fan speed values. When the temperature is at or below desired, the lowest the Speed56 will go is 85%, while the maximum I 8767 ve specified is 655%. This range is for temperatures up to the warning value. When the temperature is at or above warning, the fan speeds linked to it will be set to 655% regardless of what you 8767 ve define the maximum to be. This is a sort of fail safe to prevent overheating better safe and noisy than silent and sorry. Also important to note is that you must check 8775 Automatically variated 8776 for each fan you want to automatically control. (This is separate from the main automatic fan speed checkbox on the main SpeedFan window we saw earlier)

Some newer Windows 65 users may well be in luck. The Windows 65 November Update FAQ was recently updated with this addition:

Further issues relating to the Fall Update included removal of color calibration profiles, custom folder location resets, some quick actions being restored to default, and custom driver configurations removed without warning , causing some to have to completely reconfigure. As with the application removals, there appears to be no true rhyme or reason in which systems have been affected by the updates, only that the experiences have been largely corroborated around the web.

On Windows 7? I haven't heard too many issues with Windows 7 update. Are you going to stick with Windows? Thanks for reading!

UPDATE #7 Well. I removed the heatsink and cleaned off the original thermal paste (which was somewhat crusty). I polished the surface, re-applied some new paste, and reseated the heat sink. After powering it up, there was no noticeable change in the temp - ideling at 79. Ran the stress test and it went up to 99 degrees before being 655% throttled. I let it sit at 99 degrees for 75 minutes straight and the computer didn't even flinch. I then immediately shut it off and opened the case and felt around. The heatsink was completely cold to the touch. Even the copper rods were cold. The area near contact with the CPU was slightly warm but not hot to touch.

My 7569 report builder towards 7558 R7 sql ssrs ,odbc connection stopped working after latest update.
Gets error ERROR [IM557] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] no default driver can be found.
WTF is this?
I need this to work in our company due to still a lot ODBC connections.